Intuitive Healing and Shamanism

  • I allow my intuition to be guided by the Creator.

  • I work with past life memories, trauma, cellular memory, physical, and/or emotional pain.

  • Trauma, past guilt, abuse, grief, etc., is released, often without the original memory having to resurface.


Intuitive Readings

  • Guided by Divine communication.

  • Face to face readings

  • Phone readings


Angel, Animal and Medium

  • Talk to the other side, whether it be God, an Angel, Spirit Guide, a loved one, or a beloved pet.

  • Find peace, get closure, and receive current messages.


Life Regression & Past Life Regression

  • Past Life Regressions allows an individual to discover what is significant in this life and why. Uncover this life's lesson's. Discover why situations or events happen as they do.

  • Life Regressions assist individuals to understand what their life's purpose is and why. Go back to the time when a decision was made and a lesson was learned. 

  • Understand what the lesson was, so you do not have to repeat it. This allows healing to take place thereby changing your cellular memory, creating a generational chain reaction in cellular healing.


Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing

  • Balance your chakra's and cleanse your aura, and remove energy blocks.


House and/or Ground Clearing

  • Clear and cleanse your home or your property of negative energies.

  • Release the negativity, seal the portals, and refill your property with clear positive energy.

  • Learn how to protect your home from unwanted visitors.


Private Parties & Gallery Readings

  • Add something special to any event by offering intuitive readings to your guests.

  • Minimum of 2 hours hourly rate of $150 + mileage (billed at 60 cents per mile)


Group Classes

Group classes that help strengthen your intuition with a wide range of topics from Stones and Healing, Intuition, Gridding, Orbs, Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides, Animal Communication, and so much more.