Julie’s education includes:

  • PhD Educational/Developmental Psychology

  • Masters in Educational/Developmental Psychology

  • Bachelor of Art’s in Human Services, Mental Health

  • Master Herbalist

Additional certifications and training in:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Hypnotherapy (used for present, past, and in-between life)

  • Theta Healing, Advanced Theta Healing & Manifestation with Theta Healing

  • Energy Work 1 & 2

  • Core Shamanism and Modern Shamanism

  • Crystal and Stone Gridding/Healing,

  • Psychic Development 1 & 2,

  • Akashic Records

  • Angel and Fairy Knowledge

  • Life Coach

  • Herbal Medicine



I was born into a long lineage of gifted intuitive's. An intuitive since I can remember, I have learned to understand and embrace the gift’s the Creator has bestowed upon me with gratitude and grace. My family recognized I had special gifts, and would often ask me for assistance in clearing their home, what I though about a situation, what I was picking up on in certain areas, or what messages were coming from the other side.

As an ordained Minister, I work with God and his Divine wisdom while asking for guidance from the other realms.

This includes working with the Angels, Saints, Fairy's, Elementals, Animals, and all of nature's elements (earth, wind, fire, and air).

Having this divine interpretation allows the entirety of the individual to be open to what is being sent to them from the Creator.

This allows me to focus on the well being of my clients. I focus on all aspects of an individual's life during their intuitive reading or healing encompassing their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects.

Love and Blessings to All!

Artwork created for me by [Artist Name]

Artwork created for me by [Artist Name]